We are deeply concerned with the personal information you provide here in this website. We provide you complete assurance that your personal information is safe with us. We involve this step to fulfill a certain criteria of Magma Education System Private Limited. However, it is so done for effective record keeping, better service provision, for informing you about your related interests every now and then and so on. We respect your reliance of providing your very private information to general type of information to us. It will be kept highly confidential.


When you will log in to the website; you may visit it on general basis. Whereas, many times; your personal information like name, gender, age, location, is required. This makes possible for the Magma Education System Private Limited to contact with you to send you specific sort of information relevant to your need.

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Making a Choice

You can opt for any of the options and portions of Magma Education System Private Limited without having to provide any specific information. If you leave the information box empty; you will not receive any of the messages, instructions, and further notifications about this website. It depends upon your choice if you are willing to form a relation or not.

Data collection and its security

We are fully determined in keeping your data safe and protected from viruses and illegal access. Nonetheless, there is now much technological advancement around the internet that can make your data unsafe. Hence, we tend our best to take utmost efforts to make sure protecting your provided data or information.

It is important for you to understand that any agreements you make with the third party; the Magma Education System Private Limited will not be responsible for that. We will be not liable for any data regarding your bank accounts, email, and further information you give to such parties.

More importantly; make sure that your computer or laptop has automatic antivirus mechanism that makes sure to keep your system free of malice virus or entries through internet or unknown sites.

What are Cookies

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