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Any user is allowed to visit the website but does not have the permission to illegally use any content of this website.
This website is not for the use of group at a time; but an individual.
It is not allowed to transfer any image, data, logos, and other related pictures of this website to other sources of internet.
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You must agree to use this site at your own risk; where the website is not liable for any temporary loss of data or unavailability of internet content.
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User’s Performance

A user must agree to not use the website for wrong purpose; that includes not posting or writing inappropriate or irrelevant content.
There should be no use of email, account or content and other information of the website for illegal means.
Avoid from writing incorrect or false representation of your identity.
If any of the users is found to ignore the agreed terms and conditions. He may be expelled out of the membership from the Magma Education System Private Limited.

User’s Opinion

We highly encourage and appreciate when users take out time and give us feedback regarding our website. All of your feedbacks, opinions, comments are kept save and revised by us so we can improve the quality of our services to the optimum level.


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